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Actara 25 WG

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Active Ingredient​ Crop Pest​ Dosage
Thiamethoxam Banana Beetle 0.2 gm/Litre of water
  Sugarcane Termite 0.6 gm/ L. water
  Mustard Aphid 0.2 gm/Litre of water
  Tea Termite 0.2 gm/L. water
  Brinjal Aphid & Jassid 0.25 gm/Litre of water
  Tea Mosquito bug 0.125 gm/L. water
  Marigold Aphid 0.25 gm/Litre of water
  Rice BPH 0.12 gm/L. water
  Cotton Aphid & Jassid 0.2 gm/L. water
  Mango Hopper 5.0 gm/100 Litre of water