Our Integrated Strategy

The benefits of the integrated strategy have been most pronounced in the emerging markets, which are driven by intensification and technology adoption. We have identified the key strategy success factors in these markets and will seek to replicate them more broadly. Importantly, we will build upon a number of new product launches to reinforce our customer relationships and to expand the scope of our integrated solutions.

Our goal is to create value for our shareholders by first creating value for our customers through higher yields and better use of resources.

Every day, our customers are measuring the performance of our products in the field. In order to achieve our objective of market share gain, We need to consistently demonstrate the benefits of our portfolio not only to growers but also to other participants in the value chain. We also need to sustain the flow of innovation and to design new offers that can be delivered at scale.

Our crop-focused approach is now deeply embedded in the company and recognized by our customers. By thinking like a grower, we are better able to meet evolving needs worldwide. In emerging markets, we are enabling technology adoption, whereas, for developed countries, we are helping growers to deal with problems such as weed and insect resistance, as well as an increasingly demanding value chain. As awareness of the need to preserve finite natural resources grows, we are developing solutions that can help to ensure the sustainability of agriculture.

We raise productivity by developing solutions that combine technology, people and land.

Our integrated solutions for crops offer:

  • Seeds that improve yields with early emergence, vigorous growth & quality input
  • Crop protection products that protect yields by controlling insects, weeds and diseases
  • Seed care technology that protects vulnerable seeds and seedlings from pests and diseases

Our Integrated Solution for Rice:

GroMore is a Syngenta offer that comprises of simple crop protection protocol and agronomic know-how to help the growers establish and protect their rice crops, increasing yields and improving quality, for each of the four key phases of the crop namely: Seedling, Vegetative, Reproductive and Ripening. These protocols are communicated through phase-campaigns, supported by phase-merchandising in the retailer store, using grower language. Growers receive a step-by-step guide for each phase of growth, so they know what to do and when, how to look out for results and how to set up their crops for the next phase. These protocols are easy for even smallholder farmers to use and have brought immediate results, with yield gains of up to 30 percent for growers in Bangladesh.

Our Integrated Solution for Corn:

We have comprehensive corn solution that helps boost yields through our best hybrids (NK brand seed), seed care solution, crop protection products, customized agronomic and precision farming protocols, all tailored to meet the farmers‟ needs. The solution has been showcased to more than 5000 growers various areas of the country.

Our Integrated Solution for Vegetables:

For Vegetables Syngenta has an integrated solution which combines best hybrids, crop protection technology, and agronomic expertise to increase quality yield. It helps build a strong foundation for higher productivity by developing vigorous young plants with a good root system for better establishment after transplanting. Growers can achieve quality harvest with confidence through securing more flowers, uniform fruit settings and quality fruits with superior protection against insects and diseases.